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Due Diligence

Due Diligence is an analysis and risk assessment of an impending business transaction. It is the careful and methodological investigation of a business or persons, or the performance of an act with a certain standard of care to ensure that information is accurate and to uncover information that may affect the outcome of the transaction.

Our wide range of consultancy services reflects the due diligence in the services provided by us. Typically, our services start with a consultation followed by a thorough due diligence of the concern/request presented by our client. We then perform verification of all the verifiable facts and forms to ensure legitimacy of the client’s concern or proposal. We have a dedicated team of experts performing Due Diligence Verification on every proposal / request / concern ensuring thoroughness and completeness on every proposal we do accept.

Due Diligence verification is conducted as below:

1. Background Check – A quick back ground check is performed to ensure that our client is legitimate.

2. Genuineness Review – All certificates and documents presented to us by the client are reviewed for genuineness to eliminate possible chances of fraud or duplicity. We ensure that only documents with veracity are accepted for consultation.

3. Evidence Gathering – Typically, we ensure that we collect the relevant documents and perform the necessary verification to ascertain that they are genuine and have not been falsified.

4. Documents - The documents that are generally collected from a client are Balance Sheet, Books of Accounts, Shareholding patterns, share certificates, tax details, special provisions in the articles, corporate compliance, contracts, etc.

Documents requried for a company and a firm



  Share Certificates


  Statutory registers

  IT Returns

  Asset registers

  Financial Statements

  Minutes book


  Memorandum of Association


  Articles of Association


   ■  Bench Mark Index

  • Benchmarking is the number one management tool for improving business performance. It plays an important role in diagnosing and identifying the priority areas for business improvement.
  • Benchmark Index helps businesses to prioritise the key areas for development that have the greatest impact to increase profits and grow the businesses.
  • It helps to make positive and sustainable improvements and is an essential catalyst for businesses to boost their performance.
  • Optimum capacity of a business can be calculated based on the information available from the business.